The Maldives has handed over (ICT) equipment to health facilities to digitalize and improve the quality of health service

11 June 2023
The government of the Maldives has handed over Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment to health facilities to digitalize and improve the quality of health service in the country.
The equipment was handed over to the health facilities by Vice President Faisal Naseem at the ceremony held to launch the health sector ICT infrastructure strengthening project.
At the event, Vice President Faisal Naseem stated that the project would significantly impact the health sector and bring several benefits. He highlighted human resource development as one of the administration's top priorities and outlined various achievements in this area.
Outlining the administration's development initiatives, Vice President Naseem affirmed its commitment to continued development efforts. He also highlighted the administration's efforts to consult with the public on development initiatives and the administration's policy of ensuring equitable development throughout the nation.
Speaking at the handover ceremony, Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem said that revolutionary changes are taking place in the provision of information and services.
He said that the aim is to digitise all aspects of health services to provide quality and reachable health care to the citizens of the country. He also said that digitisation of health services will bring many benefits and solve many of the challenges faced by citizens.
In addition, he said the most important task to be done to digitise health services is the strengthening of the ICT infrastructure. As such, he said that this project is the foundation stone for digitalising the health sector envisioned for the future.
The equipment was handed over to five regional hospitals, 15 hospitals in the atolls and 163 health centres. The equipment handed over to the health facilities includes 608 computer systems, 44 laptops, 500 tablets, 14 video conferencing systems, and 551 printers.
The development of ICT in the health sector is one of the largest projects in the Maldives and will cost more than USD3.6 million. Ministry of Health stated that the equipment will further advance the efforts to digitise the health sector in the Maldives.