" National cancer control plan 2022 - 2026 " launching ceremony

16 February 2023
Minister of Health and WHO Representative in the Maldives Dr. Nazneen Anwar, launched the National Cancer Control Plan 2022-2026.
The plan, which will be in effect until 2026, aims to achieve cancer prevention through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, early diagnosis and treatment, and access to affordable cancer treatments and medication in Maldives.
During the ceremony, Minister Naseem stated that cancer is the cause to 17% of deaths in Maldives and that the number of citizens seeking cancer treatment is increasing day by day. He stated that many people can reduce their risk of cancer simply by changing their lifestyle, and that the government will focus on creating a healthy community.
Minister Naseem also stated that the government will start implementing the plan in April, which will include inspecting imported food products and relocating fiberglass businesses. Further on he stated that the plan will allow all relevant institutions to work together.
The National Cancer Control Plan is the country's first targeted cancer control strategy. It aims to address the challenges of providing optimal care for cancer patients by focusing on key areas of cancer control.

The main objectives of the plan are:

1. Familiarisation with healthy habits to prevent cancer
2. Early diagnosis and early treatment
3. Access to cancer care without financial burden on families
4. Expand coverage of palliative and supportive care for cancer survivors
5. Establishment of National Cancer Registry and conducting research
The health ministry said the implementation of the plan will help achieve the target of reducing the prevalence of non-communicable diseases to 25 percent by 2030.