President receives COVID-19 response summary report

11 May 2023
Ministry of Health has presented a summary report of the administration's COVID-19 response to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
The report was presented to President Solih by the Director General of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) Maimoona Aboobakuru.
The report was presented during the function held to mark World Health Day 2023. The report highlights the efforts made by the Maldives to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. The report covers the measures taken to prevent the spread of the disease in the Maldives from the pandemic and the lifting of the state of emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The report includes statistics on the operation of the National Health Emergency Operation Centre, the responsibilities of the staff, and the impact of the disease on the country.
Speaking at the function to mark World Health Day, Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem said the Maldives has set an example to the world in controlling the spread of the disease with the assistance of the Maldivian health sector, WHO, and private organisations. Additionally, Minister Naseem said the situation of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the Maldives is extremely concerning. He, therefore, said the administration's current objective is to improve and promote public health as a top priority. He also said that many diseases were eradicated in the Maldives because of the special attention given to the public health sector. He added that the country should remain determined to work with the goal of the eradication of NDCs.
The government also launched a pilot research project in Faafu Atoll to promote public health. The long-term objective of the programme is to provide guidance on health issues and ensure sustainable physical, mental, and social health of the public.