China hands over 12 green ambulances to Maldives

03 March 2024
A ceremony was held today to hand over 12 green ambulances donated by the Embassy of China to the Ministry of Health. The ceremony was graced by the First Lady of the Maldives, Madam Sajida Mohamed.
With the green ambulances handed over today, increase the service delivery of medical care to patients in times of disasters, emergencies and accidents in rural areas. Large paramedic ambulances cannot be utilised properly due to the small size of the islands. Due to lack of road space, standard-size ambulances cannot be used efficiently in small islands. Therefore, the government has identified such islands to provide these buggy ambulances to solve the issue. In addition, for a country which has a fragile environment, as the Maldives, these ambulances are designed to be eco-friendly and not harmful to the environment.
At today’s event Chinese Ambassador Ms. Wang Lixin, on behalf of Chinese Embassy handed over 12 Green Ambulances to Minister of State for Health, Ms. Khadeeja Abdul Samad Abdulla on behalf of Ministry of Health.
Minister of State for Health expressed sincere appreciation for today’s donation from Chinese Embassy to the Government of Maldives. State Minister also emphasized that this assistance signifies the importance given by the Government of China to strengthen health sector of Maldives.