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    National Patient safety framework launched

    As the world is facing unsafe healthcare, millions of patients are harmed from which 2.6 million people die from low- and middle-income countries. These are avoidable and the personal expenses and countries’ economies get affected due to this.

    Hence the WHO has launched a campaign in soliditary with patients to mark 17th September as “World Patient Safety Day”. This ceremony is in accordance to celebrate the World’s First Patient Safety Day at the Maldives and also to launch the “National Patient Safety Framework”. This framework has been prepared with the collaboration of WHO Maldives. The Ministry of Health had requested the WHO for assistance in assessing prevalent status in the year 2016. Now the Ministry of Health has decided to develop the National Strategic plan for the Patient Safety in the country. In this ceremony the National Patient Safety framework was launched by the Minister of Health, Mr. Abdullah Ameen.

    The aim of National Patient Safety framework is to create an institutional framework for delivery of health care, which is safe and responsive. It supports assimilation of international best practices and helps in creating an open environment for continual learning and professional excellence for better health outcomes.

    Patient Safety framework provides standards and guidance to implement Patient Safety Program within the health system, so it is applicable at the national, sub-national and facility levels both in public and private sectors as well as in all National health programmes and schemes. It also envisions collaboration within and outside health sectors including public- private, national- international stakeholders.