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    Maldives Demographic and Health Survey 2016-17 has been launched

    Maldives Demographic and Health Survey 2016-17 has been launched

    The Maldives Demographic and Health Survey (MDHS) 2016-17 has been launched today at Hotel Jen.

    The chief guest of the official dissemination event was the Vice President of the Republic of Maldives, Honourable Faisal Naseem. A total of 300 participants joined the dissemination event, including cabinet ministers, policy makers representing different sectors, UN agencies, NGOs & health professionals.

    The Maldives Demographic Health Survey (MDHS) 2016-17 is an internationally recognized survey aimed at determining the demographic and health situation of countries.

    The survey is conducted every 5 years or within a period of a country’s choosing. In the Maldives, the first DHS was conducted in 2009, making the 2016-17 survey the 2nd survey of its kind.

    Technical assistance was provided throughout the survey by ICF international, which is the global expert for providing technical assistance to countries on DHS. The report of MDHS 2016-17 was finalized by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with UN agencies and relevant stakeholders.

    The MDHS 2016-17 is a nationally representative survey of 6050 households, mainly comprising 15-49 aged 4342 men and 7699 women that provides the current health situation in several areas including, marriage and sexual activity, fertility, fertility preference, family planning, infant and child mortality, reproductive health, child health, nutrition of children and adults, knowledge on public health conditions, violence against women, early childhood development and other health issues.

    The report also includes biomarker and anaemia measurements for children and women. MDHS 2016-17 report and Key Indicator Profile based on the report will be available from Ministry of Health’s website.

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