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    A symposium on traditional and complementary medicine has launched

    A symposium on traditional and complementary medicine was launched in Jens Hotel on 30th December.

    His Excellency President Ibrahim Solih launched the event at the Hotel Jen- HEP highlighted in his address that the medicine has a direct link the human health, whether its traditional medicine or allopathic medicine it has to be left to the hands of the professionals.

    Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen mentioned in his speech that traditional medicine has been an important skill in our history passed through generations from the generation in the Maldives. Country throughout the years has relied on it. Since modern medicine has come in place, there has been less and fewer practitioners in the field of complementary medicine.

    Under the Health Sectors 100 days pledges, the symposium is aimed to exchange ideas among the practitioners and health professionals on how to move forward with a plan to enhance the traditional and complementary and traditional medicine services. Also, this symposium is aimed for revitalizing of the traditional and complementary medicine with Maldives skilled practitioners coming together to work on a way forward and a plan.

    Also in recent years, complementary medicine has taken global recognition especially for chronic diseases and prevention of lifestyle diseases.

    Ministry of Health will be working closely in the important area of work.