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    Activities Conducted to mark World Health Day

    World health day is marked on 7th April every year. Theme of world health day is: Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere.

    Regional and Atoll hospitals initiated many activities under the theme of this year's World Health Day. Among the activities, hospitals and health center staff visited houses of senior citizens and also bedridden patients to check blood sugar level, blood pressure and cholesterol measure while giving guidance on proper eating habits and the importance of physical activity in daily life. All schools c In conducted information and awareness sessions under the them and the importance of being active in daily life.

    In addition tobacco cessation programs for the people and also awarded certificates to appreciate the effort to achieve global heath goals. Some islands conducted special programs for children such as children's evening and also programs specifically for youth with the health awareness messages and information . Other activities included physical activity sessions such as football matches,walks runs to advocate the importance of healthy and active lifestyle.

    There will be other activities throughout April as part of World Health Day theme awareness.