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    Maldives Health Research Policy and Maldives Health Research Bulletin (Volume 4) launched

    Maldives Health Research Policy and 4th volume of Maldives Health Research Bulletin was launched at Ministry of Health today. Maldives Health Research Policy was launched by Honorable Minister of Health Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim, while WHO representative to the Maldives, Dr. Arvind Mathur launched the 4th volume of Maldives Health Research Bulletin.

    The main goal of Health Research Policy is to establish an effective national health research system that promotes research culture, addresses national health research priorities using highest scientific and ethical standards and is used for improving the health of the people of Maldives.

    Health Research Policy includes; establishing a national health research agenda, ensure that the research being conducted in the country meets the highest international standards, increase availability of funds for health research, promote research by strengthening individual and institutional capacity for health research and promote the use of evidence in policy and program planning and evaluation.

    Minister of Health highlighted that the formulated policy will help in establishing a national health research agenda and also it will help to ensure health research conducted in Maldives meets international best practice by establishing effective mechanism for its oversight. Additionally, minister announced that from next year onwards National Health Research Award will be given during World Health Day, official function, to promote health research in the country and to encourage Maldives health researchers.

    Minister emphasized the importance of releasing Health Research Bulletin annually. The main areas covered in the current volume include: abstracts of health research conducted in Maldives, information about the ongoing research and Maldives health research priority areas. Ongoing and planned research studies will facilitate to develop, monitor and evaluate policies and programs in the field of health.