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    Maldives Health Accounts- 2014 has been launched

    Maldives National Health Accounts 2014 (NHA 2014) which provides a detailed overview of resource flows in Maldives health care system was launched at Hotel Jen on 12th June 2017. NHA 2014 was launched by the chief guest, Honorable Minister of Finance and Treasury, Mr. Ahmed Munawar.

    This report highlights the spending incurred for health of Maldivians by government, private organization and institutions, international organizations and donor agencies. This is the second such report which was formulated in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO). The report was based on a globally accepted framework known as ‘System of Health Accounts II (SHA II)” which is being regularly used by many countries and international organizations.

    During the address by the Minister of Health at the launching event, Minister highlighted some of the key findings of this report. He mentioned that in 2014, Maldives spent 4,287 million for health and about two-third of this amount was spent by the government of Maldives. This is a 55 per cent increase in total spending for health when compared to 2011. This indicates the importance the government has been giving to the health sector of Maldives.

    Apart from the Minister of Health, Minister of Finance and Treasury and WHO representative to the Maldives, Dr Arvind Mathur addressed the invitees of the event. The importance of strengthening the prevention and promotion activities especially in areas such as tackling the impact of Non Communicable Diseases was highlighted by all speakers at the event.