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    Donation by government of Islamic republic of Pakistan to the Health sector of Maldives

    At an event held today at the Ministry of Health to appreciate the financial assistance received from the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Minister of Health Abdulla Nazim handed over a certificate of appreciation to His Excellency Vice Admiral (Rtd) Syed Khawar Ali Shah, Ambassador of Pakistan to the Maldives.

    The 2 portable X-Ray Machines procured from the donation of 47,846.88 USD, Forty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Six Dollars (737,798.89 MVR) will be installed in Dh. Kudahuvadhoo Atoll Hospital and L. Gan Regional Hospital.

    In his address, Minister Abdulla Nazim acknowledged various assistance received by the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan under the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) including the recruitment of medical doctors from Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Maldives, human resource development of the health workforce at Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan recognized institutions in Pakistan, providing training opportunities for Maldivian doctors at subsidized rates and arranging exemption of examination prior to the admission for Maldivian students joining medical trainings. Minister Nazim also acknowledged the technical expertise provided by the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in establishing a medical college in Maldives.

    Ambassador in his address noted various developments and milestones Maldives have achieved in the health sector and congratulated Minister Abdulla Nazim and the Health Workforce. He also noted that in South East Asia Region Maldives has the highest life expectancy rate and that this is only possible with the continuous effort of the Maldivian Government and the health workforce.