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    Maldives Nursing and Council’s logo is launched.

    Minister of Health, Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim launched the logo of Maldives Nursing and Midwifery Council, at a ceremony held at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

    At the event, Minister highlighted the importance of adapting and improving nursing care standards and guidelines in accordance to the rapid developments of the health sector.

    Ms.Asiya Ibrahim, President of the council said that the council has undertaken much work to advance the quality of care brought to the public by nurses.

    The council was re-established by the President in 2015 under the Health Professionals Act, as the Maldives Nursing and Midwifery Council, with the objective of carrying out strengthened and expanded regulatory work and quality of nursing care. Previous to that, the council existed as the Maldives Nursing Council in 1999, formed by the corresponding government.