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    Ministry of Health Received Medical Equipment Donated by the Japanese Government

    Ministry of Health Received Medical Equipment Donated by the Japanese Government.

    Ministry of Health received donations by the Japanese Government, in medical equipment worth 605,729.76 USD, equivalent to 9,340,352.89 Maldivian Rufiya. The ceremony for the handover was carried out on the 24th of April 2017, at the Ministry of Health, Roashanee Building. The donations were funded by the Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) through the Japan Non-Project Grant Aid.

    The equipment was handed over by the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Maldives, His Excellency Mr.Kazumi Endo and on behalf of the health sector, received by the Honorable Minister of Health, Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim.

    Minister Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim stated that Japan was a country that collaborated bilaterally with Maldives for the development of various sectors in the country. And on behalf of the Government of Maldives and Ministry of Health, he thanked the Japanese Government for the support provided.

    “With much pleasure, I receive this donation to the people of Maldives by the Japanese Government.” Minister said.

    The medical equipment donated included portable X-Ray machines, Dental units and portable ventilators. Work has already begun for the distribution of the equipment to the Atoll Hospitals and island Health Centres.

    “Today we are receiving some of the equipment under this aid, and we are expecting more equipment to arrive shortly. The distribution to the atolls of equipment, including portable ventilator units are on the way”, Minster said.

    His Excellency Mr.Kazumi Endo highlighted the progress made in the health sector of Maldives within the last few years. He noted the elimination diseases such as Filaria and Malaria in the Maldives, and said that he anticipates further achievements in the health sector of Maldives.

    In 2012, Maldives had received medical equipment donated by the Japanese Government worth around 7.7 million Rufiya. Further initiatives to develop and support the health services in the Maldives, with relation to the provision of medical supplies and equipment have begun, and additional items are expected to arrive at the end of 2017.