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    Health Master Plan launched

    Health Master Plan, 2016-2025 launched.

    Male’,19th April: Health Minister, Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim launches the Health Master Plan (HMP), 10 year projections from 2016-2025 of the health sector, at the event held to mark the World Health Day 2017.

    The HMP plan is envisioned to assist the government, policy makers, trade, international and volunteer organizations in making decisions for future plans in the most beneficial way to the health sector of Maldives. The HMP is also focused for health care providers and stakeholders working on planning and implementation of activities, towards achieving goals visible at a national level.

    The previous Health Master Plan was from 2006 to 2015. The new plan differs from the previous one in that the plan is strategized to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for the Maldives as agreed for the next 15 years for the South East Asia Region.

    The HMP 2016-2025, include three main areas, they are:

    - Governance,

    - Public health protection,

    - Health service delivery.

    The proposed objectives to be obtained by the health sector and other stakeholders will be monitored by the Ministry of Health at three and five years of implementation. The plan will be subjected to needed revisions after the evaluation of the results obtained at the given timings.

    A summary of the Health Master Plan is published in both Dhivehi and English languages. The HMP can be downloaded at the ministry’s website,