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    Official Function to mark the World Health Day

    Official Function to mark the World Health Day.

    Every year, April 7th is marked as the World Health Day. This year’s theme for the World Health Day is “Depression, let’s talk” or in Dhivehi, “Maayoosvumugebali, mivaahak dhakkama”. The World Health Day 2017 was celebrated with various community level activities to spread awareness on Depression and Mental Health Diseases, enhanced with health messages for prevention and early help seeking.

    The official function on the occasion of World Health Day, was held at Dharubaaruge, Rannabandeyri Maalam on 19th of April. The chief guest for the event was the Honorable Minister of Defence and National Security, Adam Shareef Umar.

    The Minister of Defence remarks that, living in a globalized world exposes our country to possible diseases and health issues that are common to the rest of the world. Life challenges must not be kept aside, but must be braved with behavior change and strong religious faith.

    Minister of Defence also said, “As Muslims, it is imperative that we maintain islamic faith while working towards achieving life goals.”

    At the event, Minister of Health, Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim spoke about wellbeing as an irreplaceable component of life, and advised on seeking care at the earliest and without discrimination.

    Minister spoke, “For anyone in this world, there is no better gift than having good health. If health is not prioritized, not only individuals but families, communities and the whole country will be affected.”

    Minister highlighted on the positive changes brought to the health sector of the country, which accounted for investments worth over 200 Million Maldivian Rufiya. The upgrades in the health services include MRI, CathLab, Uro-Renal Fertility Centre services, with added expansions of ICU facilities, Digital X-ray and other modern technologies. The Minister also mentioned about the recent developments in the atolls, including advancement in infrastructure. Over 500 million rufiyaa was invested only on hospital building expansions and refurbishments. Additionally, services such as sea ambulance transfer, doctors and pharmacies were assured for each inhabited island of the Maldives.

    “Now, sea ambulances travel fast, pharmacy doors are open in very island, in addition to a medical doctor in very island, every region is staffed to provide Psychiatry, Gynecology and Paediatric specialty services. We have upgraded and expanded laboratory services, and made available medicine for people with Thalassaemia even in the atolls”, Minister said.

    This year’s World Health Day Award winner was B.Atoll Hospital, for the Health Promotion Award. The award was given away by Minister Adam Shareef Umar. Health Awards were introduced in 2014, with the objective of encouraging hospitals to build trust with the public and improve the quality of services provided. The awards encompass 3 categories; Best Performing Health Facility Award, Health Promotion Award and Community Award. Applications for this year were only for the Health Promotion Award. B. Atoll Hospital was awarded with an Appreciation Award for Health Promotion for obtaining 50% of marks (the highest among the applicants) in the evaluation. Additionally the hospital received three computer systems and a printer by Treetop Hospital and Universal Foundation.